Teaching is the most important task of the academic discipline. In our lectures we prepare students for an academic career in energy economics, energy informatics and green IS research. Furthermore, the lectures prepare students for a variety of jobs in the energy industry. If you have any questions regarding any of the lectures or if you feel that you would want to collaborate with us in teaching, please get in touch!

In this lecture, students learn about the design options of energy markets and related business models and in particular electricity markets. For this purpose, the scientific discussion on energy market designs is taken up and analyzed. Furthermore, students learn to assess implications from market design for the market outcome and which strategies might be derived from these implications. Within the context of the exercises, the students will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge of energy market design to three practical use cases.​

In this lecture, students learn about methods and models of digitalization of the energy industry and talk about them in interactive discussions. The students deal with current trends and emerging business models in the field of the smart grid as well as opportunities and problems arising from these trends. In this context, they learn about corresponding scientific modeling approaches. Within the scope of the exercises, students are taught how to employ such modeling approaches, create real-world models, and implement them in a programming environment.

In this lecture, the students learn how the regulatory system for energy grids in Germany works in theory and practice. The lecture focuses on regulatory conditions under which electricity and gas networks are operated and their impact on business models and entrepreneurial decisions - and thereby the entire energy industry. By the end of the lecture, the students understand the business model of a network operator as well as the regulatory and business interactions in grids and will be capable of evaluating business models of electricity grids according to their regulatory regime.​


We offer a large variety of possibilities for our students to learn from and work with us and to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practice-oriented academic environment.

You are studying at KIT or at another university and are looking for a suitable thesis in relation to the energy sector? You have come to the right place. We offer a variety of Bachelor and Master theses on current and relevant challenges in the energy sector. If you want to learn more about our currently available theses and the application process, follow this link.

Every semester, we organize a seminar with topics that cover current challenges in the energy sector. Within the scope of this seminar, students solve small exercises that can include literature reviews, small coding challenges or concept development just to name a few. Go to the YouSubscribe portal of the business and management faculty, where you can find the descriptions for each of the topics and apply for the seminar.

We are always looking for bright and talented students to work with us in our team on various projects. We offer exciting positions that will allow you to improve your scientific and methodological skills, to broaden your knowledge of the energy sector, and to gain practical experience. To learn more about the available positions for student assistants and the application process, click here.

Moments at SGEM

Furthermore, we provide some interesting and insightful events for our students… blablablabla 

Talent Pool

Our talent pool consists of the best and brightest of our students. You are invited into our talent pool if you show promising results in any of our lectures or a thesis. As part of the talent pool you

  • are invited to our chair’s summer event.
  • have the opportunity to write your thesis with us and an external company if the topic fits within our research scope and the company commits to academic standards.
  • have the opportunity to gain additional credits through customized tasks.
  • are eligible for a thesis abroad.
  • receive our newsletter with news, events and invitations.

So give it your best to impress us and to join the SGEM talent pool!

Upcoming events

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